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Meeting Design

Our Unique Design Thinking principles help you achieve desired results from a meeting of any size, any theme.

Design thinking principles direct how are meetings designed, around the following questions:

• Who is going to be in the room and what are their needs?
• Who won’t be in the room but will nevertheless be affected by the meeting and what are their needs?
• In what broader culture and environment are you operating and what are some of the overarching challenges and opportunities?

Meeting design is similar to any other design exercise, as it is ROI governed and thus essential to understand the nuances. Incredible design with an experience spanning across industries and geographies can pinpoint exactly the need and thus customise the solution to your requirement The New Normal now demands Re-think. Connect with us for a LIVE MEETING or just a Leave a MESSAGE to call you back.

Meetings & Coventions

A meeting is creation of a learning and sharing environment for fixed time period, which is similar to the function of a university for education. Meeting space and Meeting design thus becomes most crucial to ensure maximum ROI for the organiser. We are here to assist you to Up your ROI and make your next Meeting most effective thus memorable.


Medical Congresses

Medical Congress apart from being a learning and sharing platform also becomes a place for launch and visibility for new products. Thus curation of sponsorship opportunities becomes a very vital part of a medical congress. We are here to curate for your sponsors most effective avenues for most distinguishing impact.



An incentive activity is a reward for great year gone by or a push to motivated teams at various levels. Thus an experience becomes a factor to act as a catalyst. We are here to curate, design and execute for you this experience to make your Incentive stand apart.


Tourism Festival

Tourism Festivals are the tools to bring the Destination directly to the Consumer to create awareness about a destination. Bringing in sights, sounds, taste, and touch from a destination creates a hunger to explore thus travel. We are here to curate your Destination Festivals with never before excitement and memory for the visitor.


Partner Country

Global recognition comes from collaboration with existing most visited events. Partner Country is a very effective marketing tool for Nations. We have curated, designed and executed some most memorable partner country experiences for Incredible India, across the Globe.


Event Design

Event design is a very important ingredient of a successful event. The environment design for an event tailored to the kind of performance has been our specialization. We work with you to design and execute the one of its kind environment distinctly for you.


Online Meetings

Covid has been a greatest equaliser. It has brought the tools of technology in the hands of everyone. We Curate, manage, execute, document and also Identify speakers and generate participation for your selected themes.



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