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Brand Design

Brand design is the reflection of the Brand owner’s philosophy, aspirations, inspirations, and achievements. Brand design is the best way for any business, big or small, established or start-up, to gain a competitive advantage in the world of business.

Brand design is what the Brand owner believes in apart from, the visible elements of a brand, including color, design, and logo. It’s the manner in which a business presents itself to the public and distinguishes the business in the mind of consumers. Put simply: brand identity is what customers, and prospective customers can see.

Every organisation needs to pay attention to their identity irrespective of domain and size of operation. This is what communication is all about.

At Incredible design, we partner with clients to tell their story which creates loyalty with the brand. Using Design Thinking principles we evaluate What, When, and Why to communicate. The New Normal now demands a re-think.

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Service cannot be bracketed into specific compartments. It is generic to all businesses, originating from individual customer requirements.

We brainstorm with our clients and identify the uniqueness of their service. Innovation, creativity, availability, network, infrastructure are some of the key elements to identify service brand. Tourism service brand build is very challenging as a design exercise. Non-tangible product on display with nothing to lay hands-on onsite, with merely a promise being made, a story being told.


incredible india

Branding Incredible India has been the most fulfilling exercise that we have been involved in since as early as 1993, when India was still not rebranded as Incredible India. Our journey with the brand Incredible India helped us delve deeper inside us as we curated and produced year after year amazing thematic booths at major International Tourism exhibitions globally, like WTM, ITB, ATM, FITUR, ILTM, ITB ASIA, and many others. Every year we have challenged ourselves to bring out the next better design.



Each region encapsulates its own unique culture, heritage, industry and investment opportunities. Creating branding and PR for a region presents a challenge as we need to find the one common thread that weaves through all facets to bring out the quintessence of the region. The efforts of our research team lie in the areas of identifying and building on this quintessence of a particular region.



Some concepts that have come to redefine India making our Nation a talking point globally.

New Infrastructure coupled with a New Thought process is what the New India signifies.With our research team we focus on bringing out the essence of what this New India stands for, with some of our most challenging projects.



Our most challenging and transformational project ever. Working on encapsulating the essence of Mahatma Gandhian and Gandhian way of life to our design process to another level of understanding of life’s concepts. We feel truly grateful for having worked on these amazing projects at International Satyagraha Conference at New Delhi and an exhibit at UN head-quarters where 2nd October was declared International Non-violence day.



The lifeline of the civilization is self-sustenance where agriculture forms the most important pillar of a Nation’s economy. Our projects in the field agriculture helped our clients stand out of the clutter by using the power of superior communication and relevant creatives.



One installation conveys more than a thousand words. We have been at forefront of creating installations from design to final execution in various materials like clay, fibreglass, sheet metal, cast metal, wood and others. Every installation is created keeping in mind the client’s philosophy and having our eyes firmly on what is meant to be conveyed through the creative process.



Tableaux at the Republic day parade are the most challenging projects not merely because they are literally seen by millions of people across the world, but also because of the very stiff selection process which is followed by the organisers, where concerns range from concept to execution along with ancillary elements such as music, choreography, etc.,


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