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Business Design

We create and hand-hold a business idea to its fruition as strategist or investor or co-owner, nourishing an opportunity to transform a little known product into a strong brand.

Business Design is the genesis of enterprise. It is about ‘Why’ in any enterprise. What does one set out to achieve? What does it need to achieve the targets? How to identify the customer’s needs? How to identify the markets? How to keep the customer hungry for more? Business design is all about outlining the customer interface and experience.

Customers favor a line of products because they’ve had a positive experience with other products by a company. This is called the “halo effect.” The halo effect is correlated to brand strength, brand loyalty, and contributes to brand equity. The halo effect increases the mind-share, a marketing term that describes the amount of brand awareness or popularity surrounding a product, service, or company.

At Incredible Design we mentor you and your business idea to bring it to fruition.

The New Normal now demands re-think.

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One stop idea-to-execution ecosystem. Collab Therapy brings you all resources at a single-point access - to Design, Develop, Prototype, Test, Fabricate and Seed your ideas! Incredible design is empowering Collab Therapy with its network of resources and years of experience to establish a unique incubation space for design community.



#MyNextHome What is my next home going to look like ? - Anonymous millennial

This is a question which has been going around when the options are innumerable - when words like minimalism, nature, responsible, consciousness, simplicity, aesthetics have become part of everyday vocabulary. Incredible design brings you a full service delivery at your door step of you next Millennial Home.



Bluebrick PR is the go-to resource to raise your brand’s profile and market share in overseas tourism market. We are a niche tourism promotion agency that believes in not just supplying of ideas, creatives or turn in events, but also act as an extended marketing office for our clients. Our clients are mainly National and State Tourism Boards looking for support and hand-holding in foreign, overseas markets.



New Tourism Foundation, an ideating, advocacy and tourism promotion forum has been set up to augment the impact of India Tourism within the country and globally, and to facilitate holistic development of India Tourism. The foundation aims to act as a think tank, to provide policy and strategic inputs and options to Union Government, State Governments and the tourism industry A foundation created. Incredible design has been associated in conception, execution and managing of the foundation as an exercise in Business Design.



Sri Chakra Yantra Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 by a group of ardent Sri Vidya practitioners.

Our aim is to spread the knowledge of the Sri Vidya without making it a commercial endeavour. To this end, we are planning regular workshops focussed on essential life skills for people of all ages and from every walk of life. We also wish to simplify powerful Vedic rituals, bringing them with reach of the masses, regardless of caste, social status or religion, while also explaining their meaning and purpose. Incredible design is associated in conception, execution and managing of the foundation.



The main aim of the Foundation should be to become a Centre of Choice for not only inquisitive tourists, young scholars as also those for serious scholars of social sciences but all the streams of humanities like management, education and contribute to the excellence of organization and society and to anticipate and respond to the needs of the corporate and social sector through its multidisciplinary approach in social science, research and management education. Incredible design is associated in conception, execution and managing of the foundation.


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