About us

Welcome to the world of Incredible des!gn.

Founded by Sanjay Soni, Architect, alumni of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, on the 3 pillars of Innovation, Experiential Design, Quality Control.

We have been providing innovative solutions for more than 2 decades now. We specialize in delivering TOTAL SOLUTIONS for Exhibit Design, Convention and Event Management, Retail Communication, and Brand Architecture. Headquartered in New Delhi, India we have been servicing clients across the globe through our strategic partners in



Incredible Design
B 143, First Floor
Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase 1
New Delhi – 110064, India‎
E: sanjay@sanjaysoni.in
F: +91-22-66459233

What we do

We innovate, design, manage with our global experiences to deliver to our clients a competitive advantage with unique solutions.

We aim to create experiential programs that provide our clients with an opportunity to transform a little known product into a strong brand. We achieve this through strategic thinking, creative solutions, great attention to detail and meticulous execution.

Our strategic global partners and repeat clientele testify our credibility and unique service standards.


How we do it

Our collective professional experience coupled with a networked resource base has led to the creation of unique vertical teams that provide an unmatched level of service and experience. Each team understands its industry’s specific differences and subtleties. This vertical market expertise is what sets us apart from generalists, resulting in relevant and successful projects that provide the client with real value.

Our dedicated workforce consisting of Architects, Researchers, Thinkers, Graphic designers, Engineers, Project Managers are committed to produce state-of-the-art design solutions. We work out of an exclusive studio which has in-house capacity to deliver all aspects from Conception to Production.

Our strategic global partners and repeat clientele stand testimony to our credibility and unique service standards.


Incredible Question !

In economically challenging times, innovative offerings seem harder to generate, investments steep, and risks too large.

So what is right for my company remains the big question.

The images presented here, are Trade specific solutions to enhance ROI for the client.

Each design solution has been a product of the partnership between the CLIENT and the DESIGN team.


In cooperation with ITB Berlin a team of Cologne Business School students bestowed the Best Exhibitor Awards (BEA) to the most impressing exhibitors at the world’s largest tourism fair, ITB Berlin.

For days on end, the future tourism managers of the CBS visited some 11,000 booths at the ITB and assessed them according to numerous criteria such as creativity, originality, service quality, sustainability and special effects.

Our Incredible des!gn works have been awarded as follows:

  • 2012: 3rd best exhibitor, India Pavilion.
  • 2013: 10th best exhibitor, Karntaka Pavilion
  • 2014: 5th best exhibitor, India Pavilion, at ITB Berlin, Germany